What happens when you start letting your significant other, family members, friends, and/or coworkers read your online journal? Things usually start to change. Perhaps your writing will change or maybe your relationships will, both which could be good or bad. Of course, on the other hand, it may turn out that it changes absolutely nothing and, if so, you will be deemed a modern miracle in my eyes.

In the following few weekly articles I will be discussing not only what usually happens when you let someone you know read your online journal (or they find it all by their lucky self) but ideas and tips on how to make things go smoothly. You’ll also have the fantastic (woohoo) opportunity to read interviews with online journalists and those who know them.

Maybe you’re an online journalist and think there’ll be nothing to telling people you know about your journal. Or maybe you know an online journalist and are dying to read the journal and you think that everything will be the same as before. Well, I hate to break it to you, but your visions may be shattered. Sharing it is a serious issue.

What’s that? There’s no way on earth you’d let anyone who knows you see your online journal? You’re afraid they’ll find you out? Ah, never fear, I will also address the issue of how to keep anonymous online

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